Exhibition VORTEX by Paul Estier at the Galerie Philosophique La Galerie Philosophique

Exhibition VORTEX by Paul Estier at the Galerie Philosophique

Jan 26, 2023 - Mar 19, 2023
Grandson - Events

The Vaudois sculptor Paul Estier invites you to enter a new dimension through his glass and metal sculptures.

Paul Estier is a self-taught Swiss sculptor born in France in 1980. Passionate about steel since childhood, he studied agriculture, horticulture, horse breeding, masonry, machinery and ironwork in Haute-Savoie.

After working with the famous sculptor Etienne Krähenbühl, he set up his own sculpture studio at the Leclanché factory in Yverdon-les-Bains in 2005, thus gaining his independence. Since then, he has devoted himself full-time to sculpture. In 2008, he moved his workshop and built a forge in the countryside in Fiez, where he still works. In parallel to his artistic activity as a sculptor, he practices ironwork and metal construction, carrying out numerous projects for private individuals or communities.

His glass and metal sculptures seem to be artefacts found by an archaeology of the future. We don't really know what to think: do his works come from an advanced civilisation, which would have left them on Earth to remind us that the other side of the mirror is perhaps inhabited...?

The artist likes to remind us that "two quantum particles can be thousands of kilometres apart and if you interact with one, the other reacts too... I dream of a civilisation where all these elements are not treated as 'isolated cases', but as a common consciousness capable of shaping the link between all these realities; this in order to be able to intellectually understand the world, to access its logic and to be able not to 'occupy' it with our presence, but to 'inhabit' it, that is to say, to get out of anthropocentrism.

  • La Galerie Philosophique
  • Rue Haute 36
  • 1422 Grandson - CH

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